Sobriety House Inc. believes that chemical/alcohol dependency and co-occurring disorders are a serious and escalating health and social problem. We further believe that the hardship of addiction may affect every segment of the community and must be a concern of the total community.

We subscribe to the philosophy that chemical/alcohol dependency is a treatable disease. We are committed to providing services which assist afflicted persons in seeking and developing the skills, resources, and support needed to maintain sobriety while becoming self-actualizing, socially responsible and productive individuals.

The primary goal of Sobriety House Inc. is to provide best practices for treatment and rehabilitation services.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Sobriety House, Inc. to support the pursuit of sobriety and recovery, by providing high quality integrated services in a respectful environment for persons with substance use disorders and behavioral health conditions who have difficulties functioning in society.

  • Richard Tripp – Chairman
  • Honorable David Mason Jr. – Vice Chairman
  • Wanda Stinson – Secretary
  • Honorable Edward Ewell Jr. – Treasurer
  • Calvin Trent – In Memoriam 2016-2020
  • Dana Smith – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Jeanine McIntosh – In Memoriam Executive Director 2014 – 2018
  • Valerie Foster – Customer Service Quality Compliance Director
  • Dr. Rickie Hardaway, M.D. – Medical Director
  • Aloysius Hailey– Billing/Business Manager
  • Teonna Harris– Executive Administrative Coordinator 
  • Larry Edwards- Case Manager Supervisor
  • Rotonja Hall – Alternate Case Management Supervisor
  • Latraceia Hunt – Case Manager
  • Virdell Thomas – Clinical Director
  • Susan Golden (Clinical Care Coordinator)
  • Traci Ballard – Counselor
  • Wayne Dike – Counselor
  • Kimberly Glenn (Outpatient Counselor)
  • Valerie Messiah – In Memoriam Clinical Care Coordinator 2016-2020
  • Nathan Latta – Group Facilitator
  • Dauwna Bowler – Care Coordinator
  • Kevin Staples – Operations Manager
  • Bernard West – Operations Assistant
  • Keith Brown – In Memoriam House Monitor 2015-2020
  • James Coleman – House Monitor
  • Darrin Gordon – House Monitor
  • Michael Hogan – House Monitor
  • Kevin Ridgeway – House Monitor
  • Dwayne Shaw – House Monitor
  • Stanley Sloan – House Monitor
  • Glenn Weaver – House Monitor
  • Allen Wilkins– House Monitor
  • Danette Dellihue – Head Cook
  • Darrell Barnes-Bey – Recovery Coach Supervisor
  • Sandy Arnold, Jr. – Recovery Coach
  • Darrin Gordon – Recovery Coach
  • Darrell Gibbs – Recovery Coach
  • Derwin Mayes – Recovery Coach
  • Sharon McKinney – Recovery Coach
  • Adolphus Heath – Chairman
  • Rick Tripp – Treasurer