Admission Criteria

All males 18 years of age and older who are screened for appropriateness through Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority (DWMHA) at 800-241-4949. Then the individual is referred to Sobriety House, Inc. Where Everyone Cares.

Case Management Services

The Case Managers facilitate and coordinate services. Case Managers are dedicated to provide effective case management intervention, planning and implementation based on the consumers needs.

Recovery Support Services

Recovery Coaches of Sobriety House ensure that an individual will have a smooth transition from the standard residential treatment environment to recovery oriented services in the community.

Therapy Services

Therapist offer individual, group, family, co-occuring and co-dependency therapy modalities. Therapy is a technique for each resident to find relief from the pain pf addiction and embrace life’s changes.

Residential Services

Sobriety House is a life advocating society that provides therapy, shelter, and nourishment for all recovering males.