Strengthening Families

The SFP 7 – 17 is recognized both nationally and internationally. Parents and youth attend weekly SFP classes together and learn parenting, youth life, and refusal skills.

SFP teaches–and has parents and youth practice–skills involved in bonding (creating warm, loving relationships), setting clear, firm boundaries (rules against antisocial behavior, including drug and alcohol use), and monitoring their children’s emotional well-being and activities to see that they always stay in an alcohol and drug-free social environment.

What Will Parents And Youth Gain

  •  Solving Problems
  • Social Skills
  • Comply with family rules
  • Set constructive limits
  • Improve/ develop better communication skills
  • Understand the negative impact/ learn the consequences of substance abuse

Language Access Plan

Sobriety House Inc provides free language assistance services. A recipient of prevention services shall be notified of his or her rights by a notation on any program announcement, brochure, or other written communication that describes the program services to recipients or to the general public. Such notification shall state the following: “Recipients of substance abuse services have rights protected by state and federal law and promulgated rules For information, contact Rights Advisor, Rotonja Hall-Berry or the Office of Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs, bureau of Community Health Systems, State Licensing Section, 611 W. Onawa Street, PO Box 30664, Lansing, Michigan 48909.”