Sobriety House, Inc. serves males who desire to free themselves from the prison of chemical dependency and the inability to cope with everyday realities of life.

Our program is located just minutes from the New Center area in Detroit at 2081 W. Grand Boulevard and has been a treatment facility for hundreds of thousands of males since 1964.  Each person entering Sobriety House, Inc. is directed to begin to gain an understanding of the difference between living and existing as well as the changes that need to be made in order to reach personal recovery and realities of living.

From the very beginning, the program at Sobriety House, Inc. has been oriented to fit individualized needs of each person allowing each individual to express feelings, personal identity, hopes, talents, needs and failures while simultaneously receiving staff respect for their unique qualities and individual care.

Sobriety House, Inc. is a story of determination to restore freedom of life. Our therapy program focuses on people who have suffered from the disease of addiction.
Sobriety House, Inc.’s story continues with many successes, victories, and achievements.